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President Picker was a resource for well informed voters in the 2008 USA Presidential election. After the election of Barack Obama as President (congratulations dude!) the blog will be a freewheeling soapbox for political ramblings from yours truly, though you'll also find info bits at my personal blog Joe Duck - Have Blog, Will Travel

President Picker Blog is the updated version of this site and has links to resources that will help you choose the USA President wisely.

As the USA enters one of the most challenging periods in our history President Obama and we are faced with massive global economic uncertainty and instability. Although it's tempting to think we are also facing huge international conflict challenges that it probably mistaken since the major powers are relating far more functionally than in the recent past and are interconnected economically in ways that make a large scale global conflict very unlikely. The challenges now are regional. In Africa post-colonial instability and tyranny continues to ravage the unfortunate people of that region who are largely ignored by the rest of the world. In the Pakistan Afghanistan border religious extremists continue to rule and the fighting there will escalate as the US and international community struggle to determine the best course of action there. In the middle east the conflicts of thousands of years may come to a head as Iran continues to develop nuclear capabilities, terror factions continue to harass and attack Israel, Israel continues their aggressive attacks and counterattacks, and Palestinians remain squarely in the crossfire of violence and poverty.


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